We are Focus India, an interdisciplinary, student-led organisation concentrating on aspects of fast fashion supply-chains which are often overlooked.

Promoting ethical decision-making by educating students, and providing networking opportunities with businesses is at the core of what we intend to do. We were founded by a group of students who travelled to India and saw the effects that the fashion industry has on these local communities and were inspired to try to bring about change. We want to encourage students and organisations from all social and academic backgrounds to participate in order to promote discussion, sharing ideas from their different perspectives.

Where does it come from, who made it, and why does it matter?

We all wear cotton, but we rarely think of the implications of where it is made, and the individuals involved in growing, refining, designing, marketing, and selling these products. We ask: "Can fashion be ethical and sustainable?" and examine this from various perspectives.

  • What are the dilemmas faced by farmers in how to grow cotton?
  • What was the significance of cotton in the development of India?
  • What ethical issues arise when global retailers work with traditional artisans?
  • What factors might marginalise individuals through background or gender?
  • What are the challenges in developing more sustainable business models?
  • What is the role of the sari in defining Indian society and culture?